Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I get the registration code for the CUSAFE APP?

A: : Access our website and go to My Account, register here fill out the form and select your desired subscription term. Once this has been completed you will receive e-mail with the registration code. Be sure to enable location settings (GPS) on your mobile phone

Q:What is a voice code?

A: The voice code is our way of verifying you over the phone. You will enter your voice code when you register online.

Q:What happens if you walk into an area with bad mobile service?

A: Best way to handle this situation is to use the watch me function. Before you enter the bad service area enter the location and the time you expect to be finished. A timer will be set at our control room.

Q:What is the TEST button for?

A: This button will send a signal to the control room. You will receive an automatic response from a successful connection however you can also contact the control room on 02 6122 7333 to verify the test.

Q:Is the app transferable to other phones?

A: Yes however you will need to contact our support team on 02 6122 7333 as the registration code will be locked into your phones serial number, You will be provided with a new registration code.

Q:How will the control room know my location?

A: By enabling Location service or GPS on your device.

Q:Do I need a special mobile plan?

A: You will need a data service attached to your phone to allow CU Safe to send your GPS location. You also need to enable location services for the app to work /p>

Q:How do I change my contact details?

A: Login in to your Account by using your e-mail and password, you can add or edit all details from your account.

Q:What happens if I can’t remember my voice code?

A: Call the support office and we will verify your identity and then reset the code.

Q:What is the phone button on the CUSAFE APP for?

A: : To call our control room in an emergency the phone button will dial us automatically.

Q:What happens if my battery goes flat

A: YYou must have sufficient battery charge to use the CUSAFE APP

Q:How do you turn the volume down to use the CUSAFE APP in silent mode?

A: You will need to open up CU Safe App. and adjust the volume control in settings.

Q:Whom do I call for any monitoring problems?

A: Our support desk is a 24-hour number 02 6122 7333

Q:Do I need to call the monitoring centre after I set off a false alarm?

A: No, Simply enter cancel and enter your pin code, this will disable the alarm.

Q:How do I avoid accidentally causing a false alarm if the CUSAFE APP is open and my Phone is in my pocket?

A: Always keep your Phone screen facing away from your body when CUSAFE App is open and placed in your pants or jacket pocket. Keep keys and/or other moveable items in a separate pocket.

Q:Where should I put my CUSAFE app on my phone page?

A: : Make sure to move your CUSAFE app to your home page for easy and ready use.

Q:What happens when my subscription period is over?

A: CUSAFE support will e-mail you 7 days before your subscription expires. You can extend your subscription by going to the My Account page on our web site. .