Personal Protection Application Features

1Screen selects your GPS and allows you to select the alarm or watch me features both, which alert our control room.

2Screen has activated by tapping alarm button 3 times. To stop hit cancel and follow steps below.

3 To cancel the alert your four digit pass code is required.

4 If you select the Watch Me you will need to enter your four digit passcode, location and the time frame you will be in this location once these details are entered the feature will start as of “Now”

5 Once the watch me feature has been selected you will need to select the time frame you will be in this location..

6 The Watch Me feature has been set. The alarm will alert at the time indicated. The time can be extended if required by pressing the extend button and selecting appropriate time.

7 Test screen, allows you to test your alarm is alerting.

8 Settings page allows you to update details if required.