Agreed Terms And Conditions
1 Explanation of Some Terms Used in This Smartphone Subscription period, including the “Registration Page” and other Documents and Communications with CUSafe Pty Ltd.

1 Explanation of Some Terms Used in This Smartphone Subscription period, including the “Registration Page” and other Documents and Communications with CUSafe Pty Ltd.
   1.1 “Registration Page”: The Smartphone CUSafe signal monitoring and response service schedule completed and updated by the customer.
   1.2 Alarm Event: A signal received by the monitoring centre from the customers Smart phone that is,after consideraton of all relevation information ,deemed not to be a false alarm and may warrant actions including those in accordance with customers instructions contained in the completed “Registration Page”.
   1.3 Alarm Response: The attendance of a mobile security patrol officer or police or other emergency servces personel at the customer’s last known location in response to an Alarm Event.
      1.3.1 “Watch Me” Signal: A signal transmitted by “Smartphones” to the Monitoring Centre when a reattendance time is set and armed.
   1.4 Carrier: A communications Carrier to enable a Smartphone to tansmit signals to CUSafe Pty Ltd to provide monitoring and other Services to its customers.
   1.5 Commencement Date: The date when a subscription is paid , and the registration code is enetred into the application on the smartphone and signals are received.
   1.6 Contacts: Those persons nominated by the customer in the “Registration Page” for CUSafe Pty Ltd to make contact as part of actioning the customers monitoring instructions.
   1.7 Contact Priority: The contacts listed in the “Registration Page” including monitoring instructions, in order of priority.    1.9 Subscription period: includes the Subscription period Schedule, The Agreed Terms and Conditions, the “Registration Page” and includes any renewal of the Subscription period.
      1.9.1 Current Term: means the term of the Subscription period set out in the Registration Page as selected by the customer.
   1.10 Fees: Fees set out in the Subscription period Schedule.
   1.11 Monitoring Centre: The alarm monitoring and control centre and operated by CUSafe Pty Ltd or its contractor.
   1.12 Monitoring: The monitoring of signals in accordance with the Customers instructions in the registration page. The signals are as communicated by the Customer’s Smartphone to the Monitoring Centre.
   1.13 Response: Attendance at the location of the customers Smartphone location in response to an Alarm Event as detailed in the “Registration Page”.
   1.14 “Smartphones”: A telephone model & make as advised by the client in the registration page.
   1.15 CUSafe Pty Ltd ABN 81 741 804 566: Referred to as “CUSafe”.
   1.21 Service: The Services that are required to be provided by CUSafe for the customer in accordance with the client instructions as entered onto the “Registration Page”.
   1.22 Term of the Subscription period: The period specified in the Subscription period Schedule commencing from the Commencement Date.
   1.23 Total Amount: The amount shown as the Total Amount in the Subscription period Schedule.

2 Payment:
2.1 The customer shall pay CUSafe:
2.1.1 On or before the Commencement Date the quoted fee for the subscription period as nominated by the customer when completing the registration page. Fees are payable in advance throughout the Term of the Subscription period for the Services set out in the “Registration Page”.
2.2 At any time during the term where the customer fails to pay Fees on any due date, the customer’s service shall be suspended. It is the Customers responsibility to provide payment for subsequent periods after the expiry of the subscription period.
2.3 Fees shall include charges levied by CUSafe for a response service. This may be by a mobile patrol or a fee due to the attendance by authorities incluidng Police.